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Thank you for your interest in donation and / or sponsorship. Shorebreak receives a large volume of requests and we would like to support our community in every way that we possibly can. We have set up a Cash-Ola program to allow us an avenue to help every organization possible. Cash-Olas are available on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights. Once a date has been set your organization can begin to promote the night. For everyone who dines with us, and mentions your organization, we will donate 15% of their check to your organization.

In order for us to donate, or host a Cash-Ola, our accountant requires that we obtain certain information for tax purposes from the organizations.  The information that we need is as follows:

A letter acknowledging Shorebreak for the donation and stating what the donation is. 

This letter also needs to state what the donation is for and include the organization’s tax ID number.


For our Shore Drive Location:
Please call 757.481.9393
For our Pungo location:
Please call 757.689.8886

Or email us at to schedule.
Thank you!



The Shorebreak Management and Staff

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